Don't think too much, let go a little

I am someone who tends to overthink.

Whether it's in life or projects, I always think too much. In life, I always put the present into the future, considering what the future holds and what I should do in the present. In projects, I think ahead from the very beginning, considering what might need to be done here and leaving myself a way out.

Perhaps I think too much, which creates mental pressure. I have had trouble sleeping for a few days again. Every time I try to fall asleep, various things come to mind, becoming deeper and more difficult to fall asleep. Even though my eyes are heavy and my body is tired, I still can't fall asleep for a long time. On ordinary days, when I am alone, I often daydream about the future and contemplate life. I don't really like to communicate with others, and I seem to have gotten used to it. At times like this, I wonder if I will also become depressed one day.

I guess I'm someone who thinks a lot but isn't thorough. Right now, I just want to think less and let go. I hope everything will pass. Peace.

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