The days confined in the dormitory.

Unconsciously, it has been almost a month since I returned to school. Let's talk about the past month.

On the 9th of last month, I hurriedly arrived at the dormitory building by high-speed train. Everything felt both familiar and unfamiliar. It was familiar because I had walked this path for two years, with the same scenery along the way; it was unfamiliar because it had been a long time since I last saw it and I was facing a different way of life. Everything became so unpredictable.

During the first week, entry and exit from the living area were prohibited. That week, I stayed in the dormitory and attended online classes every day. The daily routine seemed no different from being at home, except that I woke up a bit earlier. I didn't feel any discomfort, probably because I was used to a life where I only faced the computer every day.

In the second week, entry and exit to the living area gradually opened, and some classes switched to offline or sent representatives to attend offline classes. To be honest, I feel like this semester is over, and no matter where I attend classes, I can't concentrate. It seems that everyone around me feels the same way, I hope so. But I just hope not to fail any courses.

The following weeks were all the same. Half of the classes were online and half were offline, but I had no desire to study. Maybe it's because I owe too much, and I want to make up for it but I find that I owe even more. I don't know where to start, feeling lost.

The daily life is probably just sleeping, eating, and coding. Even if others go out for meals and have fun, I still stay the same. The days pass by. And I got used to it, used to facing the computer every day, used to writing code for seven or eight hours straight every day, used to the blessings from the future.

I got used to everything, but I still can't get used to myself.

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