Reflections sparked by the "Depression" cloud on the internet

Internet Depression Cloud, sharing newly created "funeral" culture

I started using NetEase Cloud Music in the third year of junior high school. At first, there was a group of people who loved music, and they left their own insights under many songs. But later on, it became a place where people no longer just listened to music, but rather expressed their sadness and the pain of life. Music no longer brought relaxation, but instead caused depression. When did so many "depression patients" start to flood in? Of course, I also know that many people are just following the trend, but there are also many people who truly live in pain.

Perhaps young people nowadays are really under too much pressure. The rapid development of society, the skyrocketing housing prices, and the 996 work schedule have made them suffer so much that their lives are filled with repression, and everything seems so dark and isolated. They can't find happiness in life, and they are not understood or supported by the people around them. They can only silently endure and live in other people's worlds, unable to see their own shadows. It is such a tragic thing to become someone who is no longer the original self.

"According to statistics from the World Health Organization, there are approximately 350 million depression patients worldwide, with a prevalence rate of about 11%."

"In China, about 200,000 people commit suicide each year due to depression, and more than half of them are young people."

"What's even more frightening is that about 71% of people troubled by depression attempt to hide their condition, which is called 'smiling depression'."

Please treat everyone around you kindly.

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