Half-Year Internship Summary

Since December of last year, intermittently until now in August, it has been over six months. I will record here the situation of my internship over the past six months.

What I have done#

December 2019

When I just joined the team, I hadn't learned React yet. I was only someone who knew how to write Vue 2. Then I spent a day learning React and another day learning Redux. Then I started looking at the project and made significant changes for a week. I started contributing code. I remember that the first PR I submitted was about multi-file uploading.

January 2020

In the blink of an eye, it was winter vacation. I didn't do much work this month. During this month, I had a good understanding of the overall business and project structure. I knew the ins and outs. However, I couldn't tolerate not having a configuration toolchain for a project. So the team discussed it and hoped to add a toolchain, such as ESLint and Prettier. After that, I configured the toolchain, and finally, the code style became consistent. I could happily write code using NeoVim. After that, I also configured an automated build process, which is GitHub Action, greatly improving efficiency.

February 2020

I officially joined this month. I can't remember what I did in the following months, probably just writing business logic and fixing bugs. It was nothing more than writing pages, encapsulating components, and becoming a "pixel pusher."

Until now

In the frontend project, during this period, I only did a few meaningful things.

  • Promoted the use of TypeScript in the frontend
    For such a large project, using JavaScript alone easily leads to various undefined issues. And without proper props prompts between components, it's easy to make mistakes.

  • Established a toolchain and automated workflow

  • Learned Electron (although I'm not very accepting of it) and started an Electron project

  • Created some interesting small components (Custom Markdown Token Render, mx-player)

Slacking off moments

Slacking off is definitely necessary. If you don't slack off, you won't make money.

Because I am part-time, besides studying at school, I can also learn some fun things in my spare time.

Such as:


  • TypeScript
  • Swift
  • Golang


  • NestJS
  • NextJS
  • Vue 3
  • SwiftUI (Loading...)

And during this period (2020.3 - now), I developed my own little corner website. Welcome to visit.

By the way, it is open source. Welcome to contribute! mx-space

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