Miscellaneous Thoughts - Remembering the Start of School


In the blink of an eye, it's September again. It was already cool and refreshing at home, but coming to Wenzhou made me feel the summer again. Unlike previous years' back-to-school ceremonies, the freshmen have not reported yet. Students from different grades return to school in batches. After returning to school, it is emphasized not to go out, only activities within the university city are allowed. It even emphasized not to go home during the National Day holiday. Every day, we have to fill out a temperature questionnaire. It has been going on since the summer vacation and continues until now. Besides wasting a few minutes every day, I can't think of any other purpose. Everything is just for show. There are always various strange mentions of @all members in the class group chat. Perhaps that's why some people who are unwilling to accept the status quo choose to drop out and go abroad for further studies. Of course, that won't be me. After all, there's only one more year left, I just need to endure a little longer.

Some time ago, I read the "Dropout Plan" written by @Himself65. Although the original article has been deleted, it left a deep impression on me.

Top universities focus on academics, second-tier universities focus on education, third-tier universities focus on discipline.

About Courses#

For a long time, I have been thinking about graduating as soon as possible to get rid of the courses and education at the current school. In the blink of an eye, I'm already a junior. Surprisingly, there are more courses in the third year than in the second year. I used to hear that going to college is about experiencing life, but the reality is not like that. What I dislike is not the heavy workload of the courses, but the outdated teaching methods, unchanging course content, and the lack of flexible problem-solving approaches. In terms of courses, even in 2020, they are still teaching courses from the last century, like Tan++, ASP. It is completely out of touch with the times, and even if you fully absorb what is taught in class, you won't be able to find a job after graduation. Although the key is to learn new technologies on your own outside of class, teaching outdated things in a very outdated way every day makes me feel very disgusted. They can even use language to package these things and keep true beginners forever trapped, without the desire to explore the outside world. How sad. In various fields, there is a clear polarization, let alone in computer science or software development. However, many schools fail to tailor their teaching to individual students. In the case of my current school, some teachers are even inferior to the students because they don't keep up with the times.

About the Weather#

In my memory, when I first met this city, it was raining. September is the rainy season here. It can rain on and off for half a month. The most annoying thing about rainy days is commuting to and from class, and clothes that can't dry. Rainy days can make people feel more depressed...

About Splurging#

This month, I bought a Nintendo Switch, but the games are really expensive!

Just now, I splurged again and bought AirPods Pro. It's a painful sacrifice...

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