A passionate heart

Sometimes, I have been thinking about what can keep me passionate all the time. It seems that there has never been something that I can start with enthusiasm and persist until now.

It seems like everyone has something they enjoy doing and can be passionate about, even as a pastime. But I seem to have none. They play the guitar, play with radios, read books. And I do nothing.

I used to consider coding as an interest, immersing myself in this world every day and losing track of time. But now that it has become something I have to do every day, it doesn't feel the same anymore.

I always feel that time flies by so quickly every day, and I really don't have time to do anything. Occasionally, I spend some time daydreaming and entertaining myself. I used to be someone who loved reading, loved reading essays, and loved reading detective novels. But as the college entrance exam approached, it faded away. Time diluted everything, and I am no longer the same person. How I wish I could regain my passion and pick up the things I once lost.

It's not too late for all of this, but it requires courage, determination, and a passion.

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