Record of the 1st day of 2021

Today is the first day of 2021. The weather is nice, but my mood is not very good.

When did I start liking to read other people's stories, often moved by the details that are inadvertently mentioned, often worried about my own future because of some setbacks. I like to read other people's stories and attach myself to their lives, experiencing different experiences, but mostly fearing the future.

I have read many people's annual summaries. I have experienced different experiences, both realistic and unrealistic, which will somewhat affect my future. Everyone's feelings are different. There are brave people who dare to face the challenges that life presents, and there are also people who have endured too much and ultimately couldn't make it through. I know myself too well. I am probably the same as most people in the Twitter circle, with lofty ambitions, planning for the future during the period when most peers are enjoying themselves, but with more fear for the future. However, having ambition without courage is probably just who I am. At my age, I haven't really experienced the harsh realities of society yet, and my inner self is probably still a child. But in another 5 years, what will I become? Will I be like some people, unable to bear too much hardship and eventually fall into depression?

In the past year, it seems that I haven't changed anything. I haven't changed for anyone, nor have I changed for myself. I am still alone. Being alone means I can do nothing, and I can worry and feel sad all day long. I can say nothing and keep everything locked inside. It may seem like nothing to others because I don't say anything, and only I know my true thoughts. I am afraid that the people around me will suffer misfortune, and I am also afraid that I won't be able to overcome despair after unexpected changes and afraid of depression. I hope I never have to experience these things.

Other people's stories are ultimately their own, and I will never truly understand the ups and downs. Only when it happens to me will I know how painful it feels. After several years, or maybe after the 3-year or 5-year mark, I want to ask my future self, are you okay? Have other people's stories happened to me?

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Ages 20-25 are truly a turning point in life, with too many uncertainties and unknowns, and ultimately may deviate from the initial trajectory and shift the course. But no matter what, I must think about the initial goals.

I'm a bit out of line. I shouldn't be writing such an article with such a heavy heart on the first day of the new year.

Even so, I still thank the readers and friends, and my future self for being able to see this. Happy New Year, let go of all unhappiness, and bring happiness and goodness to the new year.

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