Thank you, goodbye.

At the end of the college entrance examination.

I have also decided to graduate from my first internship company. I have been with this company for nearly 1 and a half years, and I have finally chosen to leave.

This company has really good benefits. All efforts will be rewarded. Flexible working hours, freedom to arrange time, never worked overtime, and can even work remotely all the time. I am the one who has been working remotely. From beginning to end, I suddenly felt a bit regretful for not meeting face-to-face with colleagues who fought side by side for more than a year. The flattened management has reduced the communication barriers between people, and everyone can express their opinions and insights.

I remember that at the beginning, the company did not recruit products, so basically I did whatever I wanted, and if the effect was good, I would go up. At that time, there were only four or five developers, and then the product operation test came, and the basic Internet personnel structure was improved, and project management also began to improve. After a complete set of processes, the workload and communication aspect were completely different from before. Although it became more tiring, I was still very happy when more people came.

Compared with my technical level, I am relatively unconfident because I have seen too many high-level peers. But as I slowly wrote the project, I found that in the team, I am not the worst. On the contrary, I have a little confidence. During this period, I have also seen the code written by other interns, watching them come and go. On the contrary, I am the intern who has been here the longest. I once thought about staying here after graduation and starting a new life in Beijing. It's too far away.

On the basis of the project, I have also provided opinions and ideas. It feels really good to choose new projects, what technology stack to use, and battle at the same time. After all, in real life, there are few opportunities to communicate with people in the same industry. I brought my favorite technology stack TypeScript and NextJS, as well as TailwindCSS that came later, into the new project, and my colleagues accepted it and have been using it ever since. I am gratified that everyone can accept the ideas of an intern.

!Total number of new project code

Later, I suddenly had an idea that I might try the big companies that I never dared to think about before. If I have the opportunity, adding a halo may be able to make up for some of my shortcomings. So, I applied to several big companies, although most of them ended in failure. But in the end, I was very lucky to join Ant Group.

When faced with opportunities and salaries, how would you choose? After several salary increases, the treatment at that time was obviously much better than many big companies, not to mention that this is just remote work, and it may be difficult for big companies to even convert to full-time employment.

"600 points and 6 million, which one would you choose", although reality is not so exaggerated, but I chose the former. I used to think I would choose the latter. After all, there is nothing that can't be solved with money. The reality is, I was wrong.

Now, although I have decided to leave, there is still some nostalgia in my heart, and suddenly I feel that even the old inherited code has become so familiar.

!Everyone still remembers my birthday, celebrating it remotely, I was deeply moved

!Scene of a large-scale social death, onboarding PPT

I am very grateful to Kuma and Raven for accepting and recognizing the me who used to know nothing and lacked confidence||although I still lack confidence now||. Thank you to my former colleagues, who really gave me a lot of help in terms of academics and work schedule||although I am a time management mentor and have never missed a deadline||, and understood me a lot.

Thank you all, hope to see you again!

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