A frustrating medical experience

Originally, I had an appointment at the Dermatology Department of Wenyi Hospital today, July 2nd. The appointment time was shown to be around 10:00 to 10:30. Because I was unfamiliar with the outpatient building and it was my first time going to this hospital, I didn't know where to get the number. It took me some time, and around 10:10, I finally saw a machine where I could get the number. However, after trying to pay with Alipay and my social security card, I couldn't retrieve the registration information. Then the volunteer next to me asked me to open some electronic medical insurance card, which took a lot of time, but finally I had the registration information. Then they said I couldn't get the number because there was no money in the card. So I had to recharge, but after recharging, it prompted that the time had exceeded and I couldn't get the number. I was a bit speechless. It was still within the 10:00-10:30 range, why couldn't I get the number? After asking the staff next to me, I was told to go to the service desk in front of the department. I thought the registration fee was supposed to be paid together with the prescription, why did they make it so complicated in the front? Is this what they call a "big" hospital?

The queue was so long, I thought I probably wouldn't be able to see the doctor this morning. But in the end, I managed to get in. It was already 11 o'clock, and I was number 40, but I only saw number 37. I thought there were more than 80 numbers this morning. How could they finish seeing them all? Finally, it was my turn. After going in, I could already sense that the doctor was a bit impatient. He took a quick look and said it was inverse psoriasis, and just prescribed a cream. He didn't ask about my medical history, and I didn't have a chance to ask either. It was over. I went in with a confused face and came out with a confused face. It lasted less than 1 minute. The most frustrating thing was his remark, "No time, no time. I'm going off work in 20 minutes, and I still have to see more than thirty (patients)." So what was the purpose of my visit? Of course, I know what disease I have, otherwise why would I come to see a specialist? I asked about the potency of the steroid medication I used before (because I couldn't find its ranking among steroid medications online), and he said there was no need for steroids, just use biologics, with a very impatient tone. He didn't answer my question at all. Of course, I know that biologics can be used, but if you ask everyone with a small area of symptoms to use biologics, I find it a bit ridiculous.

I have been to regular outpatient clinics or specialist clinics many times before, but this is definitely the most unusual one. With this kind of doctor, I suggest you quit being a doctor.

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