July is over.

This week is my third week at Ant Group. It's still a paid learning week, and I spend every day reading the articles written by the experts on Yuque. I only worked on one requirement this week. On Monday, I worked from home due to the typhoon, and we had a virtual team meeting in the afternoon. Although there was a typhoon, it wasn't that severe, just a little rain. But working from home felt great. Even though there was no meal allowance, I had a lot of freedom, and it reminded me of my remote working days. I went back to the office the next day. There was supposed to be a concert on Monday night, but the venue was dismantled before it even started. Things really don't always go as planned. The planned outing to Warm Nest on Monday was postponed to Tuesday and changed from an outdoor activity to an indoor one. There were so many people on Ant Avenue at noon. You could earn coins by participating in activities, which could be exchanged for gifts.

Various activities


On Wednesday, I was dragged into a rehearsal. When I first joined, I accidentally joined our class's choir group, so I was forced to participate in the performance at the welcome party. Luckily, it was a choir performance, so I wasn't the only one feeling awkward. Since the rehearsal went on until late at night, it was my first day of overtime. It was already 9 PM, so I could claim a taxi reimbursement. Everything was supposed to go smoothly for me, but when I used Huanting for more than ten minutes and still couldn't get a taxi, I panicked. Well, I might as well ride a bike to the subway station. There were many people waiting for drivers to pick them up in the underground waiting area.

Real-time display of vehicle locations in the waiting area

Overall, the experience of taking a taxi during overtime was very poor, mainly because it was during rush hour, and not only was the road congested, but it was also difficult to get a taxi.

On Thursday afternoon, I was dragged into another rehearsal. During this process, I saw the performances prepared by other classes. Comparing them, I felt too embarrassed to go up on stage. It was so awkward that I won't share any pictures. I'll use pictures from another class instead.

Rehearsal scene, not our class's performance

After the rehearsal, the formal performance took place in the evening. Coincidentally, Alipay's Interest Party event also started at the same time. One was in the auditorium, and the other was in the square outside. Participating in five activities would earn you gifts. Unfortunately, I didn't go to play and was instead rushed inside to watch the performance.

Left: Dance Party - Dance Central, Right: Board Game Party - Werewolf, Hearthstone ..

The evening party. I'll add more pictures later. As it was about to end, I left early to catch the last bus at 8:30 PM. I didn't want to experience the same situation as yesterday, unable to get a taxi.

On the last day of the week, there was a training session in the afternoon. It was about front-end business matters. Gouyu talked about some of Alipay's business, and Da also talked about how to reason with product managers. He explained how to use data to convince product managers to make certain modifications. He talked about the red lines in development and the three strategies: can be grayed out, can be monitored, and can be rolled back. The most memorable thing was what Su Qian said at the end, that our purpose of interning here is not to develop and launch a product, complete an iteration, but to learn and verify if we truly enjoy this kind of work.

Since today was the last day, I returned late on the previous two days, so I wanted to go back early today. Unfortunately, there was heavy rain in the evening, and it coincided with the rush hour. The heavy rain caused many roads to flood, and some roads were closed because of it. On the bus, we had to change routes multiple times due to traffic congestion, and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get home. The water on many roads was already above the wheels of a car, and even the front of Tianmu Mountain Road was submerged. Just when I was worried that I would become the next Zhengzhou, we finally arrived at the subway station, and everything was fine inside the subway. It took nearly an hour and a half to travel, but I finally arrived home safely. It was the right decision to go home early today.

Entrance of the park, Xixi Road - Gudun Road intersection

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