In the fifth week of the ant.

It's already halfway through August, and my internship will end in another half month.

The date for the probation defense this week has been set for the 24th of this month. Fortunately, there is still a whole week left. Unfortunately, in just this month, I really don't know what I have been doing, and I don't have a deep understanding of the business.

I had a 1-on-1 with my supervisor this week, talked about my recent status, and confirmed that the internship will end this month, planning to return to school after the semester starts. The supervisor said that if the probation is passed, there will be no pressure for the autumn recruitment. Our team is relatively relaxed compared to other business departments. We don't have to work overtime to catch up with activities. This is probably the advantage of the basic platform team. But when I think about it carefully, do I really like this? Am I really suitable for this? Deep down, I am a front-end developer who likes UI and interaction, and I want to create products that resonate with users. But the central platform doesn't care about these things, it's more backend-related.

Team dinner, probably the last one

A few days ago, I asked my colleague to refer me to ByteDance, and soon the HR from ByteDance called to update my resume, and the next day they arranged an interview, originally scheduled for this Sunday. It's another sudden idea, just like back before the Chinese New Year, unprepared and not knowing why. Afterwards, I felt very frustrated and disappointed, but it was expected.

Today's training invited Yu Bo, and only then did I realize that I'm so close to Yu Bo every day (who would have thought that Yu Bo became a manager and chats with HR every day). Because my workstation is right behind Yu Bo, ah, the scene of me slacking off every day is all seen by Yu Bo. For a moment, I didn't know what to say, suddenly feeling a lot of pressure, with Mr. Lu in front of me and Yu Bo behind me. Everyone around me is a big shot.

"Face to face with Yu Bo"

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