Some question marks

The probationary defense ended this week, and I submitted my resignation today. Next Monday will be my last day. Officially saying goodbye to Alibaba, saying goodbye to Ant.

What growth did I experience during the internship period?

To be honest, it seems like there wasn't much. However, my perspective has expanded a lot. For example, the unified technology stack within the company, microservices, micro frontends, BFF glue layer, and so on. Another example is the infrastructure platform we built, understanding the complete development process and how different systems communicate with each other.

What do I like?

I want to work on products that are close to the user side and involve UI/UX.

Future plans and specialization in a certain field in the next few years

Currently, I am still quite confused.

Conversation and Reflection#

I am not an outstanding person. I am fortunate to join Ant, but I can't find my own value and aspirations here. Work is for a lifetime, and I can't continue to work while enduring dissatisfaction every day. Being able to join Ant with the endorsement of a big company is a shining point, but during this period, I couldn't perceive my own growth, causing this shining point to gradually dim and become a negative factor.

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