On the first day of unemployment, I feel empty, lost, and helpless. I start to doubt life and its meaning.

Where do I really want to go?

Last week, I talked to my friends about my previous internship, which was remote and had a great team atmosphere and decent compensation. But in the end, I left and joined Ant Group. My friends couldn't understand my decision. Now it seems like this. After entering a big company, it's not as good as I imagined. I'm doing something I don't like at all, and of course, I ended up failing the probation period. And now, where should I go? I picked watermelon and lost sesame, and in the end, I lost everything. It was undoubtedly a wrong decision.

Next, I have to start interviewing again. Applying to a big company doesn't seem very promising, and I'm also afraid. Going back to my hometown to find a job is a bit reluctant.

I can't go anywhere.

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