Replace Microsoft YaHei with PingFang globally in Windows 11.

Recently, a certain treasure bought a MATX computer. Then, Windows 11 system was installed on it. I haven't used Windows much since my senior year of high school, and after so many years, the terrible fonts of Windows have not been changed. The ugly and poorly rendered fonts of Microsoft YaHei and the system are really hard to describe. Even with 150% scaling on a 4K screen, the font is still ugly. I decided to replace Microsoft YaHei with PingFang.

For how to extract the PingFang font, please visit: Extracting and Porting PingFang Font in the New Version of macOS

Prerequisite Tools#

First, download the extracted PingFang font provided by the expert. Generally, the built-in PingFang font in macOS is encrypted and cannot be directly used on Windows. So, using the prepared font is sufficient.

Then, you will need the TTC font tool to extract the font information of Microsoft YaHei and modify the information of the PingFang font, and finally merge them into one TTC file.

The tools used here are:

  • ttfname3+
  • UniteTTC
  • Font replacement tool

I have shared the links to these tools and the finished Microsoft YaHei and PingFang fonts below.

You can skip the tutorial and go directly to the font replacement section.

Sorry, Aliyun Drive does not allow sharing of fonts, so you have to do it yourself. The tools are all here.

::: warning
Before starting, be sure to back up the original fonts.


Here, we will take replacing Microsoft YaHei as an example, but in fact, you also need to perform the same operation for Microsoft YaHei Light and Microsoft YaHei Bold. However, the process is the same, so we won't go into detail here. Just repeat the operation.

After downloading the extracted PingFang.ttc file, you first need to split the TTC file into TTF files. In the first step, drag PingFang.ttc onto UniteTTC.exe, or directly enter UniteTTC.exe PingFang.ttc in the command line.

This will generate many PingFang00x.ttf files.


We select one of them, the regular style, PingFang-Simplified, which can be viewed by opening the file.

Then drag it onto ttfname3+.exe, and a PingFang00x.xml file will be generated.

Perform the same operation on Microsoft YaHei.

Now, an important step is to open PingFang00x.xml and msyh00x.xml of Microsoft YaHei with an editor for editing.

Copy the Header tag of PingFang00x.xml and paste it onto msyh00x.xml.


This needs to be done twice, once for msyh001.xml and once for msyh002.xml. The first one is for Microsoft YaHei, and the second one is for Microsoft YaHei UI.

Then, select msyh001.xml and the extracted PingFang00x.ttf together, and drag them onto ttfname3+.exe. This will generate msyh001_mod.TTF. Repeat this step to obtain msyh001_mod.TTF and msyh002_mod.TTF.

Then, open the command line and use UniteTTC.exe msyh_pingfang.ttc msyh001_mod.TTF msyh002_mod.TTF to merge them into msyh_pingfang.ttc.

Now, the font is ready.

Then, open the font replacement tool.

Restart and you're done.

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